Thursday, September 8, 2011


Everybody experienced it...

Without sorrow life is zero

We must accept fate's arrow

If our efforts are thorough

Our sorrow, God will borrow

Sorrows nicely shape our mind

Sorrows stop our being blind

Via sorrows, remedies we find

Sorrows are indirectly kind

In the absence of sorrow

Our mind does not grow

We think not like a hero

Our attitude is made narrow

Sorrows must be overcome

For which efforts we welcome

At last strong we become

This is sorrows' outcome

Our will-power, sorrows increase

To our heart, sorrows supply grease

Our talents, only sorrows release

In a gist, sorrows supply peace

Every sorrow at last dies

Not because of our cries

But because our soul tries

Life and success, sorrow ties

Sorrow less person is none

Sorrow is sure, if life has begun

'Sorrow trains brains' is a slogan

Sorrow is a tamable dragon

In sorrow, all must dip

By coming under its grip

All are lashed by sorrow's whip

To every life, sorrow makes a trip

Now sorrow will somehow vanish

But you cannot fully relinquish

Further sorrows, time will furnish

From life, sorrow, none can banish

Life and sorrow are closely associated

By life, sorrow is very much fascinated

By sorrow, peace is initially confiscated

Sorrow grows when life is sophisticated.

everythings happened for a reason =)