Thursday, October 22, 2009

such a bad day..

....Is that fair if i said yesterday is a bad day??em..nop sure..but what i felt so hard 2 face all those things..however..2 be or nop 2 be i had faced it alredy..
..starting wit yerterday nite..back from KL (industrial visit)~study for Manufacturing Strategy test till morning wit fever~flue~slept 4 a while..then wake up Subuh~con'nue study untill 9am~went 2 test~.....damn!!!test is so hard..cnt answer!!!!huh!!!...then,lunch~prepared 4 d 2nd test, Project management..i guess that a simple Q..but..once again..damn!!!such a terible Q..once again i can't answer...
so sad wit tired+fever+my mood was lost since all those things happend plus wit sad news frm pak ip..he told me, all the students PSM under his supervise are LOST+NOT PERFECT+he was not seems that i can guess my result for this scary..

p/s:result aku akn jatoh gile2 sem ni..uh...